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In-game Commands / Information
Started by Siyrenz

Hello, Everyone! This thread will be for people who are starters in the SMP and are not sure what commands they are allowed and what they are used for.


The first time you join you will spawn in the HUB. There are THREE sperate worlds. Regular members are only allowed in two of the three. The third world is exclusive to Content Creators. If you are a Content Creator and you want the Rank / Role in our Server, please direct message an Admin/Dev. 

Once you have read the rules, please click on one of the survival servers. Survival 1 is a PVP world. Players will be able to do pretty much anything to the world. Kill, raid and be TOXIC.. Survival 2 is a PEACEFUL only world. Mobs will spawn but that is the only kind of killing that will potentially kill you. PVP is disabled in this world so don't worry about dying to players!

Will keep inventory be enabled in the future? This question will be brought up multiple times and here is your answer. NO


Once you join any of the worlds, please use the command /discordsrv link. Right when you send that command you will be sent a 4 digit code. Send that code to McPlays Bot on Discord. Once you send the code to the bot, your account will be linked to Minecraft/Discord. This will allow you to join Proximity Chat in Discord which will allow you to talk to other users around you if they also join proximity chat. (OPTION)

To automatically get into the wilderness, you will need to use the command /rtp. This command will be much easier than running out of the safe zone.

Yes, we also have a currency. You can currency to buy claim blocks, food, trade and buy one of the shops in spawn! To check your balance or balance top, use the commands /bal or /baltop.


Useful commands

/ah - This command lets you see the auction house. Alternatively you can click on one of the NPC's in spawn but this command can be used anywhere. You will be able to sell or buy items globally to who ever. To see all commands that go with the Auction House, use /ah help.

/pv - This command will give you a player vault. Community members will have ONE player vault but you can buy more on the web store. You will be able to store any items in your inventory in this vault without losing it on death! (These will be wiped during server wipes)

/homes & /sethome & /delhome - These commands will let you see your home, set your homes and delete your homes. Community members will only have ONE home available for use but you can upgrade to a higher rank on our webstore.