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| Information First Name: MarkAge: 11What Country are you from?: AmericaWhat Timezone are you currently in?: JamaicaWhat languages do you speak?: MartianWhat is your Discord username? (example: ImSiyrenz#9999): SuckMe#9999Current Minecraft Username: PreciousCPPrevious Minecraft Usernames: DickRideHow long have you been playing on McPlay's SMP?: 20 yearsWhat game modes are you the most active on?: Survial| Staffing AbilityDo you have the ability to record evidence? (Video and/or Chat Screenshots): NoWhy do you want to be staff?: I dontHow can you help improve McPlay's SMP?: I cantWhat would you change about McPlay's SMP?: Everything its dookieWhy should we pick you over other applicants?: Cuz im 11| Staffing ExperienceAre you currently staff on another server?: yesDo you understand that staffing comes with pressure and how well can you deal with it? yesDo you have any Staffing Experience on a Minecraft Server? yes:In your opinion, what qualities do you think a good staff member should have?: eating cock| Other InformationHow much time can you dedicate to your staff duties?: 1 minute
3 months ago
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